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Dark Mink Baby Alpaca bedspread
75" x 83"

Brown Baby Alpaca bedspread
79" x 87"

Dark brown Baby Alpaca bedspread
95 " x 110 "

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HOME DECOR - Premium Baby Alpaca rugs & bedspreads
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As with all of our fur rugs, pictures are woefully inadequate in revealing how luxurious these magnificent alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads actually are.  Our alpaca rugs include 10 different "solid colored" alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads along with over 10 different animal and geometric designs. 

Alpaca fur (or wool) comes from the alpaca animal, which lives 14,000 feet up in the Andes Mountains of South America, making it one of the highest living animals. This fur is known to be some of the softest, most luxurious fur in the entire world! It's incredible softness truly defies description! In additions it is also one of the warmest natural fibers in the world. 

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Alpaca Teddy Bear
$ 16.00
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Arpillera sweater
$ 15.00
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baby Alpaca slipper
$ 20.00
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Arpillera Poncho
$ 15.00
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Alpaca scarf
$ 15.00
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baby alpaca rug
Baby Alpaca rug
$ 225.00
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