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Alpaca Fur Rugs and Bedspreads

Unfortunately,  pictures are woefully inadequate in revealing how  truly luxurious these magnificent alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads actually are. You simply must experience one of these alpacas for yourselves by feeling, touching, and caressing them.  Only then can these spectacular alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads be fully appreciated. 

Unfortunately, the Alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads is difficult to see in the pictures.  A close look at one of these alpacas would reveal a fascinating collage of whole and partial alpaca pelts, intricately and expertly sewn together, making for a very unique product.

As stated below, these  alpaca furs are perfect for either  “light traffic” area or fireplace rugs or for decorative bedspreads. Being thin and lightweight, alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads are best used for decorative pieces or for "light usage" only.

Alpaca Fur Will Add a Sense of Quality and Luxury to any Setting

Alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads will add a sense of quality and luxury that few other products can. Fur rugs also have a special intrigue to them. Who hasn’t envisioned a beautiful fur rug either lying in front of their fireplace or couch or on top of their bed?

Alpaca fur (or wool) comes from the alpaca animal, which lives 14,000 feet up in our country, Peru, making alpacas one of the highest living animals. The fur of an alpaca is known to be some of the softest, most luxurious fur in the entire world! It's incredible softness truly defies description! Alpaca fur is also one of the warmest natural fibers in the world.

Ideal  for Area Rugs, Wall Hangings  and Bedspreads

Our alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads are perfect for “light traffic” area or fireplace rugs. Being thin and lightweight, they also make for ideal bedspreads or comforters.

Our "geometric" and "animal" designs are ideal for either accent pieces or wall hangings

All the Alpaca Fur in our Rugs and Bedspreads
Come either from the Food Industry or Have Died of Natural Causes

All of our  Alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads are either by-products of the food industry or have come from animals that have died naturally. None of our products ever come from animals that have been killed strictly for the fur or wool. Alpaca fur is much too valuable for that! 

The "Discovery Channel" has recently aired a number of programs on South American alpacas. These programs explain that one third of young alpacas don't survive the harsh Winters high up in the Andes Mountains. It is from these animals that these exquisite alpaca fur rugs and bedspreads are made from. 

Alpaca fur is some of the world's most desirable. Alpaca animals are much more valuable for their fur than their pelts. As a result, they are raised in captivity and are "shorn" each year for this highly sought after fur.

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