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Tanning Procces

We select only the best hides for our products. The hides undergo the unique CHROMIUM TANNING PROCESS, known as "dynamic tanning process", using the latest technology .

The hides undergo a thorough cleansing process stripping their natural oils and other contaminates with the best chemical agents that are different from those used in traditional tanning methods.


Our technology, makes the leather more resistant to tears and cracks thus extending the product’s life; the traditional process, on the contrary, can cause the hide to dry up within a few years.


Once all suitable leather has been selected, the making of the rugs is begun.

As we consider important to transmit our workmanship to the next generations, we have undertaken the challenge of training young people who participate in ProJoven group; our expert handcrafters teach them the art of
elaborating alpaca products.


Our facility is implemented with machinery which has been specifically developed  to do this kind of needlework; this way, the result is a lasting and first-class finished product.

Every item is examined in situ by senior experts  in order to ensure that the pieces have been seamed properly tight.


Finally, we test the final-finish: it must not smell unpleasantly, both fur and leather must be soft, and needlework must be as even and invisible as possible.



alpaca house